No doubt you may be affected by disruptions during the 2012 Olympics. SX Environmental Supplies will do its upmost to minimise the impact to our customers. To assist our customers SX will also absorb the additional Olympic Route Network charge of £3 for each consignment delivered into affected postcode areas. For full information please see below.

Suspension of Next Day and Time Scale Delivery Guarantee


Due to the introduction of the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks, during the time that the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network is active (25 July to 14 August and 29 August to 11 September) SX Environmental Supplies will regrettably be unable to guarantee next day delivery service to the affected postcode areas.


SX Environmental Supplies delivery schedule during the 2012 Olympics


Fears are that the Olympic Route Network (ORN) will see many roads restricted to only Olympic traffic from Mid July to late September. Our delivery couriers will be losing the ability to do kerb-side deliveries anywhere on the ORN during normal working hours, it is also likely to prove extremely difficult to cross the ORN, necessitating major detours for the couriers to reach their destination and our customers. Considering the wider impact of the congestion that is likely to be caused by the imposition of the ORN, which stretches far beyond the ORN itself, the simplest solution is for delivery couriers to make early morning deliveries. If our delivery couriers can get inside the restricted zones before 6am, they will be able to fulfil the majority of delivery schedules.


Olympic Route Network (ORN)


Charges During the Games 'lockdown' period, access for parcel deliveries to 'lockdown venues' is restricted to the official logistics supporter of London 2012, UPS. There are 49 Olympic venues in London and elsewhere around the country. These range from the main Olympic stadium to hotels used by officials involved in the Games. Deliveries to these venues will be security screened and delivered by UPS.


Our Couriers will still accept your consignments to these venues by integrating with UPS services for final mile delivery. You do not need to make special arrangements directly with UPS.


All individual single parcel deliveries will incur a UPS pass-through charge of £25 per parcel - £20 of which is a fixed security-screening surcharge and £5 of which is a parcel delivery charge. The parcel delivery charge operates on a sliding scale for multi-parcel consignments.


Further information and a map of the Olympic Route network is available at:


Click here to view detailed map of routes >>