X-Lure MST

This multi species trap is designed to attract and trap the following beetles: Biscuit beetle, Tobacco beetle, Flour beetles, Merchant beetles, Saw-Toothed Grain beetles, Khapra beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Rice, Grain and Maize Weevils. Other species may be caught.
Each trap comes with one lure insert. Stored product beetles are attracted to crack-like harbourages, just like the 360 degree entrance offered by the x-lure. In addition the x-lure has three different pheromones for key species.
It also has two food attractants being the special 'Carob Jam' lure and Wheat germ oil.
The x-lure also has four different release systems for each of the attractants to make sure that they are released for the full 6-8 weeks.

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